App help - Forex

Hi, I’m experiencing some issues - I sold USD/CHF, and even though the price has dropped, it’s still showing a loss. Has anyone else experienced this? I had sold 11,500 @ 0.97193 but when the price dropped to 0.97114 I was losing the money. See below.

You’ve sold short in your picture, so will need the price to go down to make money

@Bethh123 That’s because the spread was abnormally large -> notice the difference between SELL & BUY price. When you’re short, you have to look at the BUY price. The chart price is by default the SELL price so it’s not relevant.

The spread’s floating so it’s usually larger when there’s less trading -> around midnight when most markets are closed. However, since we’re in the middle of the EU session now, the spread is significantly tighter (better).

@David Thanks for your help with this I am extremely new to this - I didn’t realise the spread was so large. I’ll make sure I look at the BUY price rather than the default SELL going forward