Qep problem and i lost money

Looks fine to me, what do you think the problem is? You haven’t included any text to say what.

If you SELL then you are thinking the price is going down, so you close and BUY at a lower price to make a profit. (You’ll need to look at the BUY chart)

If you BUY then you are thinking the price is going up, so you close and SELL at a higher price to make a profit.

As an example so you went SHORT selling 254 @ 0.98888 and it closed buying back at 0.99610

254 * (0.98888-0.99610) = -1.83388 dollars = -1.54 Euro

You lost money due to the very wide spread. Always check the spread before trading on any stocks.

@pipo is there a way on app to switch the chart to BUY or only possible on desktop.

look closely I SELL and if u sell and stock drops then u earn money but i dint get anything

but still didnt get answer on this sell issue ? i know this spread thing wery well.

tell me that ? this stock didnt get 1.16 today nop

hows its looks fine? if i sell and stock drops then should be + and if i buy then - here is opposite
and if u look this 3 picture here u see its close 1.092 this stock dont even reached so high today. whats the broblem?

i been trading over 2 years now i know those spread things wery well.

pointless . i quit on this broker

You need to clear the spread first. So for example: spread = £1.09888 - £0.87142. That’s £0.22746

Basically, the stock needs to drop £0.22746 before you are at 0. If it drops more, you will get profit.

Desktop only unfortunately.

Look closely at that screengrab with the purple buy line I drew.

If you go short you need to be looking at the buy price not the sell.

are u all blind ? i dont buy i sell. OMG

Well I guess you were caught out by T212’s often ridiculously wide spread on some stocks. Maybe you’re used to better spreads elsewhere. Some stocks aren’t even worth trading here, like this one I guess. I’ve noticed they jack up the spreads by 1500% sometimes.

look closely i dont buy i sell. there is difference.

Yeah and you BUY back correct when the position is closed? What is being shown in those charts is the SELL price.

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Listen to all of us. We’re not making up an imaginary story. If you buy, if you sell, you have to clear the spread. You will notice that if you BUY or if you SELL, you are immediately in the red and negative profit. Mainly due to the spread.

Here it is again

why ppl dont understand just look closely all those pictures and u see

look left and down. what this says ? SELL