Showing negative, despite gain


as it can be seen from the picture below, even though the stock gained value I was negative.
One second showed cca +7 EUR, the next second -0,5 EUR.

Am I missing something? :pensive:

Whats the bid on it?

Currently its 37.89 as of this second so it should now be green. In that screenshot you need to scroll down slightly further to see the sell.

Edit: And now 37.23 so its probably flicking between green and red.

What was your buying price? And what is the current SELL price?

(The app shows the BUY price by default, which is higher than the SELL price)

The buy price was 37,55 , as you can see on the print screen, when the price is 39,00 I shouldn’t be in a loss. There were some similar issues on different occasions these days. This time I’ve decided to document it and ask about it.

The 39 is the BUY price, you need to look at the SELL price to calculate your profit/loss.

I understand that, but the buy/sell price does not differ for almost 2 $.

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You are correct, is really strange.

At that moment the sell price was about $37.489 (my calculation), a spread of $1.5 is very possible at times of volatility.

If someone has access to Level 2 data they can possibly look at it.

I’m in investing not CFD. It also has a spread? I indeed was several EUR negative the moment I’ve bought the shares …

The spread is the name given for the difference between the price you pay to buy and what you get in selling.

The spread can shorten or widen on many factors.

I was checking it around the time of your screenshot and saw 37.23 as the bid

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Thank you for this basic clarification. Now I totally get it. :pray:

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If you want to see the the SELL before buying its tucked under Instrument details.

At this exact moment the spread is 38.20-37.76 = $0.44

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What could be the reason for so high spread? very low votality?

This still bothers me, yes. I really doubt it. But then again, I’m no expert- far from it. :sweat_smile:

From your picture we can see the “spread” is almost 2$. In my opinion isn’t normal, unless I m forgetting something.

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The $2 spread was only briefly on open as far as I can see where the sell price was catching up.

The ask (buy) and bid (sell) price are the current best price. What’s called L1

It’s worth learning about the order book if you search L2

Why you say that? the 2$ difference was in the moment he took the picture… For me isn’t normal that big difference bettewen buy and sell price. But I m not an expert…