Apple Share Spilt Problem in Investing Account

Dear Trading 212,


On Friday, I had 2.6306235 shares of apple. On saturday, my old shares were converted to new and the fraction part was sold.


Thus my account had 10 new apple shares and 0.522494 fractional new share left was sold for 13 euros!!

1 new stock of Apple closed at 125$ (105 Euros) on Friday. Please clarify me, if 0.522494 sold of new apples were share which are worth close to 52 Euros why I was paid out 13 ??

Best Regards

13e is profit, principle amount aka what you paid for the stock was released as free funds.

Could you tell me how to check the change in cash position in the app?

I personally feel the way the split has been handled is not clear/transparent and therefore the questions are being raised. I have friends using other app where they just multiplied the fractional share and allowed people to keep it. This may be helpful in future :slight_smile:

Currently, I dont feel 100% convienced but I will trust @David and @Vedran :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m virtual money account and there’s some problems with the split.
Is this just specific to virtual money account or is it supposed to be normal ?

the real world corporate actions, stock-splits, offerings et cetera, are not mirrored in the practice account.

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