Apple tesla stock split


I understand what happens to fractional shares after stock split. But I am not sure why is it not transparent in the app. In my case my portfolio decreased by 115 euros on saturday when split happened.

And some fractionals shares of apple and tesla were sold off for price unknown to me. I got total 35 euros deposited into my account.
1- Why is there is a huge gap in 115 and 35 ?
2- Why dont the sell orders show up in my orders ?
3- Where is the profit or loss I made on those fractional stocks?
4- How can the stocks be sold on saturday ?
5- Who bought those stocks ?
6- Was the price used from friday last price or did it drastically change on saturday ?

I hope i get some explaination from the community as I am not getting response from trading212.

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From reading the numerous topics on this in the past few days, this is my understanding from reading the (admittedly changing) advice that has been given. Hopefully others will confirm/correct these thoughts.

The fractional shares were liquidated at the last quoted price from Friday. If there was a profit, it’s the profit that shows up as the deposit and your initial investment is now in your free funds, because the only “new money” in your account is the profit from the sale.

As for the sale during non-trading hours, I would imagine this is because fractional shares don’t exist as such (their value does though) and Trading 212 are in control internally of fractional shares, meaning they don’t need to be sold on an exchange or OTC to be liquidated.

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This seems to be correct to me now. As according to my calculation 35 euro was the profit and it has come as deposits. Rest 80 euro should have been added to free funds.
Is there a way to confirm that my free fund has been increased by ‘80’ amount ? From friday to saturday.

Same shit here
Note invested before split (SAT)

Here is what I end up with today:


deposited by split less than 200:

I guess I may need some explanation here, same on my ISA account.

Pure guess, I would say Deposit is profit from position, to avoid tax liability. Rest was freed up to free funds from invested.

Sum total should reflect invested + profits. While deposit just reflects profits.

Hopefully someone from T212 can clear this up. :slight_smile:

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I think you’re right, unfortunately there is no way to see if free funds are actually increased.

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Yes exactly. And this is d sad part.