Are cryptocurrencies ever coming back on Trade212?

Should I look for another broker for cryptocurrencies? Last time I believe they stated that they are working on getting real cryptocurrencies on the list. What is meant by this? How was it ever fake?

This is what they said:
“We’re currently working on introducing real crypto trading that’ll replace CFDs on cryptocurrencies with actual cryptocurrencies as they will not be affected by the FCA’s ban.”

Should I wait patiently until they bring it back or go to another broker for cryptocurrencies?

Any advice or enlightenments is very much appreciated.

I wouldn’t wait if you want to trade crypto, open an account with Binance. PM if you want a referral.

T212 have mentioned previously to become a crypto exchange but I don’t see that happening soon with whats going on.

Would love to hear from Staff if they have an update though.

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