Crypto currency support

Dear @Team212
Do you have any plans to add crypto currencies to the platform?

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Its a shame FCA are so backward thinking otherwise we would have BTCE and ETH ETPs inside an ISA.

I’d rather T212 focus on being the best stocks broker and pre/AH rather than putting finger in another pie.

Who do you use for Crypto atm? Is it likely T212 could better it?

I doubt T212 could offer a better service for crypto right now compared to some of the biggest crypto providers already out there. effort and resources are better spent improving the stock market offerings that T212 specialise in so far.

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Only way to get exposure is throw crypto miners, like $MARA, $RIOT for bitcoin
And $HIVE for ether

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Interesting. It’s a good way to be exposed to crypto.

If T212 really do go the bank+debit card route it would be nice to see the possibility to hold crypto in the account, but right now it seems a division of focus when the platform and stock selection can still see so much improvement.

I use Binance and coin base, but I would not like to do the KYC on unregulated exchanges because once they go out of business, it’s privacy mayhem.