Are dividends distinguished in account?

Hiya, just requesting bit of advice if anyone in position to advise me-I have ISA with half dozen different instruments in (is that what you call seperate company shares, ha?) which I bought to invest but 3 or so mention they pay dividends-I didn’t get them for this but am obviously going to be glad of any payout. So, my question: if dividends go into my account, is there any way I can tell this has happened or are they just added to lump sum? Thanks in advance for any help.

Under “Info”, there is a “Dividend” tab.

You’ll get an in app notification to tell you a dividend has been paid, and the dividend amount will be added to your free funds.

Just a quick note that if it’s a company not in your home country then any deductable tax is normally taken first and you are left with the remainder - e.g I’m in the UK and any US dividends I receive are minus the relevant tax applied by the USA.

That was quick-thanks