Question about dividend payment for non UK user

Hi, before writing this I read some other topic about dividend payment and I understood that dividends are deposited in T212 ISA account.
Since I’m a non UK user, I don’t have an ISA T212 account, I have only the T212 investiment account, can you please explain me where the dividend of y stock will be deposited?
Thank you very much.

It will be deposited in your Invest account. I have both the ISA and Invest and received dividends in both based on the stocks I hold.

thank you. Do you receive an email or notification from T212 when dividend are deposited?

You should get notification on the T212 app. You get statements via email on all your open positions. I get loads of email notifications but I don’t usually check them, I prefer the app notifications.

thank you :slight_smile:

Also if you go to menu and press history, it shows you all your records of transactions, dividends payments etc.

Your welcome

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