Are there any statements?

Hello, I’m new on this platform, is there a way to receive monthly statements that highlight increases in the portfolio, dividends, etc?

Welcome @Axe.
You’ll receive daily & monthly statements highlighting trades, dividends & other useful Information.


I never received a monthly/dividend statement. Where can I get these? I only get a statement for shares I bought or sold on the following day.

My apologies, I was thinking of CFDs.
On the equity side, you’ll receive a contract note confirming the previous day’s trades.

Nonetheless, we’re working on a feature that’ll seamlessly highlight portfolio performance.

It would be nice to receive a monthly statement on the model of Robinhood’s or other brokers…
Where they highlight the total starting balance of cash/securities and ending value, the dividends received in that month.

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There is a monthly statement that shows these things at the bottom.

Thank you for the reply but what I’m asking for is an official statement from them that breaks down everything, in pdf that you can download and keep. Shouldn’t be too hard for them to make it happen (in my opinion)


That’s exactly what i’m talking about. It’s a official monthly statement emailed to you. It has the breakdown as I showed you in the above picture, i’ve just deleted my numbers. It also has a summary of all your positions and what you closed in the month.

To save it in PDF format just print the email as a PDF.


@David I have started receiving my daily statements by email. Is it possible to also receive it as an attached PDF because the formatting of the column names doesn’t look that great when the email is printed? Also, will I receive a statement every single day of the month (regardless of any new transaction) or only after every buy/sell transaction?

I also think receiving the statements in pdf form or being able to generate the pdf from your account would be a useful feature.

@cantuar you will receive a statement every single day of the month regardless of if you have made any new transaction that day. At least if you are holding any open positions on the account.

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@MitchB Thanks for the reply. What does it mean to have an open position on a stock that you have already purchased? And can it be closed after a purchase?

@cantuar An open position is an order that has been filled but you have not yet sold the position.

If you are currently holding (or short selling) a stock then it is an open position.

Closing a position just means to sell the instrument so you are no longer holding it.

@MitchB Thanks for the clarification

Yeah, that would be useful.

Actually what I would like is to be able to search my transaction history by ticker. So I can see what transactions I did for what asset at what time.


@cantuar this just means people wont face 1-3 emails a day depending on what they did during market hours. now you will just receive the contract statements and monthly alerts.

@Dao Yes, it’s a good development. I wasn’t a fan of the daily email statements so I added the image in case someone comes across this thread.

I must’ve been one of the few who liked them! I just had a email filter that put them into a “Daily statements” inbox that I can check and keep a record of transactions.

The contract note will suffice I suppose.

Edit: I take that back, contract notes don’t show the execution price for foreign currencies. Instead gives price paid in GBP and the exchange rate, so you need to work it out yourself. Also doesn’t show the amount of stamp duty paid.

Mabe this should be a setting in user options whether they would like a daily statement or not. You could set the default to off, but people like me can turn it back on.


You’re right about some info (fx currency, stamp duty, etc) not being in the contract note when compared to the daily statement. I guess we’ll have to request for that info to be included in the contract note or monthly statement.

I don’t receive the monthly statements. Where can I go to activate them or find the previous statements?