Pies and newbies

Hi folks, I’m a newbie here and at investing in general. I’ve been scammed a few times and have rrust issues. I havnt tried a withdrawal yet so dont even know if i trust 121. However i copied a pie and thot the pie would stay seperat to my own portfolio. The pie in question suggested that it would generate dividends every day. But I’ve not seen any in two months…i think my investment is too small to pay out divs. But is there any way to seperate the copied pie from my own portfolio regards nod544

When you click on the pies tab, is it listed there? When you click on that, it should show what you have within that particular pie.

When it comes to dividends, bear in mind there is a lag between the ex div date (the point at which you are eligible for a dividend) and the payment date. In many cases, this can be days but in others it can be weeks.

Dividend Max will allow you to check for any particular stock:

As well as the lag, bear in mind most companies issue dividends quarterly so you’d have to wait roughly 3 months before seeing any regular distributions.

I created a similar pie from April and the number of divs by month shows after 3 months it’s pretty stable around 20 which averages out to about 1 per working day:
Apr = 0
May = 3
Jun = 19
Jul = 20
Aug = 17
Sep = 23
Oct = 18
Nov = 17
Dec = 22

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Hi Amster thanks for thaf info i kinda figured it would be something like that…Nod544