I received an empty monthly statement

Dear Trading212 community,

I signed up to Trading212 earlier in April and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. I’ve made several deposits and have already invested quite a bit.

However, trading212 just sent me a monthly statement and it’s COMPLETELY BLANK.

Should I be afraid?

Thank you in advance,

@wdavis Could you DM me your account’s email address, please? I’d like to look into this.

Hello David, sure. Thank you!

Sorry David, but I don’t know how to how to send dms here :confused:

@wdavis No worries, I’ll ping you. :slight_smile:

Could it be for the account you don’t use? (CFD or Invest respectively)

Not sure, it doesn’t say anything about if it’s Invest or CFD in the email :confused:

Hey everyone,

I already received another copy of the monthly statement and this one wasn’t empty. It was full and accurate.

Thank you!

Hello everyone, is there an annual statement as well where we can see our annual result?

it doesn’t exist by default yet, but either they are looking to add it or you can request one from the team. I lost the thread this was last mentioned on or i would have a post to quote-link for you.