Are too many posts being flagged?

You can say that again :joy:

Might as well make a poll (anonymous)
1= Don’t flag enough
5= Flag the right stuff
10= Flag way too much

1= Is the flagging fair?
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  • 2
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I really hope no one flags any comments here…


“freely” is a relative term. It takes a handful of cry-babies to flag a post for it to disappear completely.

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Wouldn’t have worded it the same as you, but you have a point on the flagging part (not the criticism, as Tony mentioned there is plenty of criticism whenever there are platform issues)

Been seeing a lot of posts flagged recently that I’ve no clue why they were flagged. Some are obvious, they’re abusive, blatantly incorrect, contain personal info or are spam but the volume of flagged posts is starting to turn this into what a certain alternative broker community forum looks like.

Definitely something for someone with greater mod powers than I to keep a watch on…


Okay, okay - you got me: I had to add a disclaimer: “excluding those “F” word statements” :grin:. But you got the point of what I’m referring to with the post (we should create a thread about this matter too). Let’s keep the focus of the topic :pray:

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If you can find many examples of flagged posts unnecessarily, please point them out. Usually what I see is it isn’t related to the topic, or is asking a question which is extremely personalised, that it should really be in an email or through the chat when available. I don’t mean personal info by this, I just mean it’s about a single account specific issue, and it brings no value to the forum. I do hope that these people to get a private message explaining the flag though, and steps on what they should do (help centre, email address, or actually personal support on the issue).

*and there are plenty of posts that simply are inappropriate, hurtful or just straight up stupid :man_facepalming::rofl:

Vote in Poll: Are too many posts being flagged?

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Too much crap is getting flagged for 0 reason, I get that you all would name your children Trading212 but sheesh guys… :grinning:


I think the balance is about right. T212 allows a lot of fair criticism, certainly more than Feetrade which seems to crush any whiff of dissent. Unfortunately, the influx of new users led to lots of nonsense posts, spinning conspiracy theories etc, which I think were reasonably flagged.


Just pinned for a day, want to see the consensus, so the team know whether to have more or less control over conversations. More votes the better!

I can only go from personal experience.

Last week I had 3-posts flagged and hidden within minutes of appearing. Arguably, one post merited an email (which I’m going through now), the other was not account-related and heavy-handed (IMO), the last was a reply to a commonly-asked question which helped the OP and was removed :man_shrugging:

One thing that got me was the message that stated the reason: it links to the Community Guidelines which makes no mention of the alleged infringement. I came away thinking the rules were being made-up to suit, and so felt like I was deliberately being targeted.

I’ve modded and admin’d forums and know the challenges and hours it takes, so I have much empathy, but the one thing people should know is where they stand - and last week, at least, the rules suddenly changed without warning. Once again we’re at communication.

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Post moderation was always part of the community. The only difference now is that we have 24/7 available to monitor all newly-created posts.

In a nutshell - a post gets flagged/delisted by our team when:

  • it is an account-specific inquiry (“I made a withdrawal…”, “How long for verification…”, “My order got rejected…”). The main issue here is that such topics provoke ticket prioritizations (which is unfair for the rest waiting in queue) or simply creates inefficiency in our work - several people attending the same inquiry via different channels;
  • repeating topic when the matter was discussed numerous times;
  • using offensive language.

The rest of the flags are provided by other community members when they consider that thread is inappropriate (due to different reasons).

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Value to the forum is a matter of perspective. Just saying. I get your point and appreciate your opinion but its not that easy.

Yes that’s why it’s difficult, subjectivity makes it hard to set rules. But it’s pretty clear when someone’s asking about an account issue that the forum isn’t the best place to ask it.

I agree, they panic or get stressed out because there is massive backlog and their issues wont get resolved via ticket. Thats why they come to the forum. I doubt they are doing this on purpose or out of laziness. They seek help on the forum, I try to see it for what it is


Yeah, if there’s an urgent issue, that completely justifies a post in the forum or a personal message (preferable). But people asking basic personal questions should just get flagged, it isn’t fair that people should get seen to first because they’re impatient and ask on the forum. That’s why they should be flagged and redirected to the formal communication pathways or a relevant help centre article

I just saw a post being flagged, just asking for access to TSE (which I think would be awesome)

Nothing wrong with the post, got flagged

Idk, fishy stuff going on these last weeks
Dont know how to link it

Yeah great example. Only thing to remember is that it’s not always the staff flagging the posts. I have no idea why this was flagged to be honestl.

Don’t know if it’s related but what’s this about :joy:

I was hoping to be able to approve that. :sweat_smile:


Maybe a keyword flag on BTCE? (Clearly not for me lol)

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