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Is there a mechanism on this forum to notify a member upfront that their post will go into moderation before they take the time to write and submit it?

It is frustrating to learn after-the-fact and would allow members to decide whether to commit or not.

I think if you’re experiencing this a lot I would perhaps have a rethink about the general manner in which you post?

I think I’ve only experienced this once

Thanks, it was a reasonable question to save your, mine and others’ time… and to perhaps aid in doing what you seek. Unworthy of snarky comment; and like you, just the once.

Not saying the ‘moderation’ of the forum is perfect in any shape or form, but if we discuss how not to have our posts ‘moderated’, surely we’re effectively discussing how to beat the system, removing the point of it in the first place?

I think I’ve had a couple posts, but at a guess I was using similar words to past posts on the thread that had been marked for moderation.

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@MikeC you might find it’s an automatic thing based on a trigger word that you may have used, such as any word that might be construed as a c-o-m-p-l-a-i-n-t. Those are triggered, flagged and referred to an admin to validate whether or not it is a legitimate expression of dissatisfaction, even if you’re not using said word in that context.

(Wondering if the D word above might get this post flagged now)

But I think it comes down the forum engine, rather than T212. I could be wrong but I think these are in-built mechanisms within the platform and not something they can really customise too deeply.


Thanks for bringing it back on-topic. You might be right, I’m just asking the question: there might be a button or banner that could be enabled in the system to inform members before writing.

It would be handy. There’s certainly a window to the right of the one you type in that often gives various notices, such as if your post sounds similar to an existing one, it’ll go and bring those up as suggestions.

But you’re right, that would be good if it notified you of a dodgy word or phrase that will obviously cause the post to be auto-flagged.

I know it shows you that swear words will be blanked out. If I could remember the name of the host forum, could probably Google it and get the answer…

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Apologies, that wasn’t my intention if I offended.

I was merely stating that I have not experienced this problem so it made me wonder what one would post to be flagged etc on a persistent basis.

No snarky ness intended.


Discourse :innocent:

20 characters.

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Thanks @Zergui

Two mins of Googling and this might be one plugin that’s missing;

@admins can any of you confirm if the above plugin is active on this forum please? Thanks.

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there seems to quite a bit of trial and error involved. hopefully it balances out sooner than later.