Are we trading with virtual Shares wit real money?


Brand new to Trading 212… invested a chunk of money in shares

I have traded with majority of Platforms out there (HL,LSE and through my own bank)

Whenever my order has been executed i was able to track my order down on which is the official site however i could not with any of my Trading 212 orders !

This got me thinking are we share dealing virtually with our real money and not own an actual share of the company ??

Can someone clear this up for me ?


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that answer is less than helpful to Tanti, noted by the fact you couldn’t meet the 20 character minimum during the course of answering it naturally.

All shares purchased with real money through T212 are actual shares, however I never tried tracking down my transactions through a stock exchange so unfortunately cannot clear up this matter regarding the paper trail.


Hi @Tanti007, some transactions can be tracked through LSE, I have done so myself. As far as I know, some transactions occur “over the counter” (OTC) meaning that the trade happens directly between you and another Trading 212 user at the prevailing market price. Effectively bypassing the LSE order book.

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Quick question, @Antidev, do these “OTC” transactions have a lower spread?
I was not aware of OTC transactions hence my question.

The best price isn’t always available on the exchanges, sometimes, it happens to be OTC (over-the-counter). If that’s the case, the order will be routed OTC.

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Thank you @David, do OTC transactions have a lower spread?

@EquityInvestor Not always, it just means that the price was more favorable at that moment in time.

My understanding is that OTC Traded Stocks are less “safe” as they are exchanged off the Stock Exchange Record therefore off its regulations. Although they might have other advantages like price

Is the three a way for me to avoid OTC for my account and make sure that all my future trades are made through Stock Exchange ? If yes, please let me know how ?


As of the current moment, there is no such option. Your orders get executed at the venue that offers the best conditions.

What does OTC mean in case of Trading212? Do I just trade with other T212 users, IB users or some other OTC channel?

@PeterA Could you please answer my question? I am burning of curiosity to understand how this works in case of T212.

Thank you in advance.

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Depends on the instrument and which venues it is being traded on - from your point of view there is no difference whether it’s being executed on a regulated venue or an OTC - you always get the best conditions available at the time (FYI if it’s over-the-counter, your order most probably will be filled against a market-maker)

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@Alien Thank you for the link and @PeterA for the explanation.