Transfer of shares


just wondering if it’s possible to transfer shares to another platform (IBKR).

I’m find that the lack of bid offer spread is just a hindrance to me trading with any confidence in the invest section.

I don’t see how not being able to see price is of any benefit to your customers at all and I’m suspicious it was removed to benefit you. I understand that you make money on spreads and need to for customers to trade ‘fee free,’ but I don’t like the lack of transparency and see it as rather predatory.

Perhaps LTP is industry standard for charting but not being able to view bid offer spread is not industry standard whatsoever.


Then you don’t understand at all. In fact no where did you learn this, because it’s proper ignorant and I’m sick of reading it.


Indeed, a Google search would have informed OP that making money on bid spreads is against the law so it’s quite obvious that T212 won’t be doing it!


I mean he could have searched here for inspecie transfer but couldn’t manage that either. Anyone got a spoon, it’s nearly tea time.


Since when is 3pm nearly tea time?

Lol. You’ve just had a whole conversation with yourself. Bored of the coronation?

It was from a Google search and reading dozens of websites that led me to the understanding that profit is made on spreads. This is stated on sites as recently as March ‘23.

In fact, If you Google ‘how do trading212 make money?’ this is at the very top of the results:

‘ Trading 212’s main way of making money is the spread between the highest or ‘offer’ price for an investor to buy an asset such as a share and the lowest or ‘bid’ price for them to sell it .’


I suppose taken from this blog?

A hint, don’t believe in everything in web, specially in blogs. :wink:

You could also add to that list: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or other social networks, any type of “influencers”.


Fair. My point is I did Google it first and I could post a dozen or more pages from the top of the Google search that state money is made from spreads.

Yes I’m aware money’s made through share lending etc but also thought money was made on spreads.

The fact is not being able to see the spreads when I dollar cost average every fortnight, my average price is being affected by not being able to see the spread.

I’m also looking to park a pretty hefty sum in CHS2 Lyxor Smart Overnight Return ETF, but I could be a significant amount down before I even get started due to a large unknown spread.


Thats where we sadly now need to check on exchange rather than in app.


Showing Bid/Ask spreads don’t stop any FI from taking some points for itself. When trading in foreign exchange products (different currency of the account), FI can also take some pips.

We aren’t able to confirm if the FI took some points in stocks/ETPs and/or pips in forex, if even with Bid/Ask spreads showing up, as the markets are very dynamic, in fractions of seconds, and the quotes aren’t true real-time, they are always delayed (no platform can claim the real-time quotes).

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Congratulations on learning to use Google. Now try search on this forum. It’s bloody wonderful for getting answers to basic questions and wait until I tell you Trading 212 has a help page, you’re going to explode!

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Thank you, but the congratulations really isn’t necessary. Judging by this and your other posts/replies you seem highly strung. May I suggest yoga, meditation or something a bit stronger…

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  • The absence of bid/offer price can be inconvenient to some (although that applies to traders more than investors), and it is OK if you feel like that.

  • AFAIK, there is no mechanism, yet, for transfer of shares out. Alternatively, you can sell your shares and but them again on IB, you will lose the spread and may lose/gain on the price change.

  • Stock brokers, at least in th UK/EU, are not allowed to make profit by adjusting the spread. That is a fact regardless of what some may say.


T212 makes money on spreads for CFDs - not in the Invest or ISA accounts since that’s illegal.