Argo Blockchain - buying and selling shares

I can’t seem to sell my shares? Tried to also buy. Is this due to liquidity issue?

Does liquidity also impact when selling shares?

Market liquidity will impact the speed to trade shares.

Looks like it has a market capitalisation value of about 700m, but only 5-10m of that is traded daily.

How much is that compared to other stocks. I have noticed its hard to day trade that stock, actually close to impossible with those execution the times

Isn’t 5-10m trade enough?

All depends on how many people wanting to trade, I would be surprised if your trade took more than say 10 mins to be fair.

*Scrap that seen the market it’s on.

Indeed, as @Dougal1984 has mentioned, the liquidity of the stock impacts the speed of order execution, both Buy and Sell orders.

Furthermore, Argo Blockchain is traded via SETSqx service where execution happens only several times per day during the official auctions. Depending on the liquidity, the order might not be filled during the open time frame.

There is a possibility for execution via Market makers, however, our execution intermediary relies mainly on DMA (Direct market access), which means that the execution time frames in the majority of the cases correspond to the official auctions which take place several times a day.

Where can I get the official timing for the auction?

There’s one at the start and end of the day

8am and 4:35pm

And three during the day

9am, 11am and 2pm


Even in these times, it’s not easy to buy or sell. Very odd. I have been trying for some days now.

Is this more of a trading 212 issue? It’s the only mining company listed on LSE. And pretty sure a lot of people have this, especially in their isa for exposure.

Would like trading 212 to look into this. Feel it’s not a volume issue.

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Why T212 doesn’t support requesting a quote from market maker?

@MohammedS Execution can occur only during the open auctions during the day. If however, the liquidity is low in these time frames, orders may not be executed.

@KP2106 The liquidity providers to which the orders are routed depend solely on our intermediary and they rely on DMA.

This is like the 6th day, I have been trying to buy or sell shares in Argo. Nothing happens.

I’m sure this isn’t an issue in other platforms? Though I can’t confirm this.

Let me DM you and we’ll address your concerns together.

Do some reading on bids and asks.


The price graph in the app is very simplistic. Its based on the offer(purchase price). You can drill down and 212 pay for a Bloomberg feed, so you could see an indicative sell price.

You can also put a limit order through on the app. This allows you to set a minimum amount to sell your shares for, or a maximum amount you are willing to buy shares. I’ve normally only seen this option available on more expensive trading platforms, so its quite good 212 offer this option for free.

Hmm. I don’t have this issue with like FTSE Allshare stocks. I mean, whatever price the app is showing, execution happens at that, if I sell stock. Only realised this issue with Argo blockchain recently, maybe because it’s in AIM market. Still trying to learn - thanks.

The prices shown are indicative for all stocks.

So it’s just by chance on the FTSE Alshare that you have hit the ASK and there’s no slippage that you got what was shown.

As mentioned above the data feed (Bloomberg) with the buy and sell price has no connection whatsoever to the trading platform which goes via Interactive Brokers.

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Exactly as everyone said above, I just wanna add, especially trading ARGO I would recommend limit orders, takes a lifetime to execute but saves you headaches

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Anyone else having issues trying to sell block chain

The liquidity is quite low - mcap of about 500m, but only about 5m trades daily.

It may also be the trading sector so think you need to wait for the auctions.