ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) - Request


I’m requesting the ARK Innovation ETF*, ticker symbol $ARKK, run by Portfolio Manager Catherine Wood.

The fund has seen staggering returns, even amidst economic collapse, with 3-year annualised returns of 24.72%**.

It is known for its large holding in $TSLA, a company that the fund is extremely vocal about.

I’m quite surprised it isn’t already available on 212 due to the size of the fund. Please add this to the platform, I think it’d be a great addition.



*Information source:

**Return on NAV. Publicly-traded asset annualised 3-year return of 24.45%.

Thanks Ashige, didn’t realise.


It is US etf without KIID so it’s unavailable for T212 customers


We need an “ARK” bot. It’s fast becoming our most needed feature.


Could just make a :pie:

Nearly all are on here.

company ticker cusip shares market value($) weight(%)
TESLA INC TSLA 88160R101 479650 579733769 11.28
INVITAE CORP NVTA 46185L103 15119055 479576424.6 9.33
SQUARE INC - A SQ 852234103 3725329 422415055.3 8.22
CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG CRSP H17182108 3798774 302762287.8 5.89
ROKU INC ROKU 77543R102 2157905 277614478.3 5.4
2U INC TWOU 90214J101 5976470 234935035.7 4.57
ILLUMINA INC ILMN 452327109 531304 198229522.4 3.86
ZILLOW GROUP INC - C Z 98954M200 3046157 182647573.7 3.56
PROTO LABS INC PRLB 743713109 1614183 178770767.3 3.48
LENDINGTREE INC TREE UW 52603B107 594661 175835311.1 3.42
INTELLIA THERAPEUTICS INC NTLA 45826J105 6998132 156058343.6 3.04
EDITAS MEDICINE INC EDIT 28106W103 4861453 148420160.1 2.89
COMPUGEN LTD CGEN M25722105 8876372 136696128.8 2.66
STRATASYS LTD SSYS M85548101 7651968 119829818.9 2.33
PINTEREST INC- CLASS A PINS 72352L106 4561433 109976149.6 2.14
SPLUNK INC SPLK 848637104 546995 109349770.5 2.13
XILINX INC XLNX 983919101 1145687 109172514.2 2.12
PURE STORAGE INC - CLASS A PSTG 74624M102 6100531 104563101.3 2.04
TERADYNE INC TER 880770102 1210334 102370049.7 1.99
SLACK TECHNOLOGIES INC- CL A WORK 83088V102 3259385 98791959.35 1.92
PAGERDUTY INC PD 69553P100 3169933 95129689.33 1.85
CERUS CORP CERS 157085101 13897629 93947972.04 1.83
NANOSTRING TECHNOLOGIES INC NSTG 63009R109 2543579 89101572.37 1.73
MATERIALISE NV-ADR MTLS 57667T100 3713881 87424758.74 1.7
VERACYTE INC VCYT 92337F107 2812099 77923263.29 1.52
IOVANCE BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC IOVA 462260100 2605298 75788118.82 1.48
IRIDIUM COMMUNICATIONS INC IRDM 46269C102 2423685 64130705.1 1.25
SYROS PHARMACEUTICALS INC SYRS 87184Q107 4963065 60301239.75 1.17
SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SA SPOT L8681T102 213838 58054878.62 1.13
ZSCALER INC ZS 98980G102 490962 54108922.02 1.05
AUTODESK INC ADSK 52769106 212303 50984565.45 0.99
SERES THERAPEUTICS INC MCRB 81750R102 7513490 37492315.1 0.73
TWIST BIOSCIENCE CORP TWST 90184D100 561579 25922486.64 0.5
EXONE CO/THE XONE 302104104 1945695 17394513.3 0.34
MORGAN STANLEY GOVT INSTL 8035 X9USDMORS 11084420.34 11084420.34 0.22
ORGANOVO HOLDINGS INC ONVO 68620A104 17003040 10592893.92 0.21
LENDINGCLUB CORP LC 52603A208 117423 544842.72 0.01

Have you checked which of these constituents are available, and as fractional shares? I think many of them could not be put in a pie. Zscaler, Autodesk… not available

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I’ll let someone else check :sweat_smile:, but failing that just buy these 8 out of 37 which are over half in weight.



Just a solution as we aren’t going to see the ETF here.

ILMN cannot yet be put in a pie.

Well they need to be fractional to be in a pie, I’m saying buy shares in those specific would be my plan if I wanted to copy but I haven’t checked them out I’m not that invested. From a two second scan down the list they look decent, I’ve heard of maybe 15. Half of them might not even be on the platform, I doubt many are fractional, I haven’t checked. It’s simply the list if anyone is interested. You might be in luck and find 30/37 here or only 10 I don’t know :upside_down_face:

If you find any that aren’t on here or want as fractional you can always make a request for those and then :crossed_fingers: it gets filled.

That’s unfortunately the best outcome as @Ashige has already mentioned.

Thanks. Exactly the idea I had.

Arguably better than owning the fund itself, get to choose allocations and companies and don’t pay a 0.75% expense ratio.


Exactly that, I don’t know how frequently they update the list or weightings but I would say it’s going to be better using it as guidance that paying them to follow them.

I would have expected Slack, Pinterest, Spotify and Autodesk would have more weighting and for me personally I know them in my life. Lending Tree I’ve heard of too. The others I would have to do a lot more DD on before including.,NVTA,SQ,CRSP,ROKU,TWOU,ILMN,Z

All pretty solid atm and that’s 52.11% of the ETF

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Yeah, the fund is actively managed so they would be trimming positions everyday as the stock price fluctuates and the allocation increases/decreases. That’s not something I’m concerned about however.

Would definitely tweak to my preferences too. Would be bulking up on $TSLA!


+1 for all the ARK Investment ETFs including ARK Disruptive Innovation, Next Generation Internet, Genomic Revolution and Fintech Innovation


We’re still doing this are we?


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If this is helpful to anyone, I’m keeping a spreadsheet updated regularly of a few of the ARK funds I’m interested in, weighted proportionally to what’s available on 212 pies. More than happy to share:


This is interesting work. Have you actually bought any of these pies yourself? It would be interesting if you could report back to us on performance of these pies (which cover a subset of the contents of the ARK funds) compared to the actual ARK funds.

I have done my own experiment with a “IITU inspired” pie. I matched the contents of this iShares IITU ETF. However, I omitted the two largest holdings of APPL and MSFT, as I already own plenty of those. Interestingly, my pie is underperforming IITU - which tells me that IITU’s performance is mainly driven by APPL and MSFT. Only the AMD part of the pie is doing better.

I have indeed, I set them up a few weeks ago and have been putting small amounts in regularly. Currently my pots are:

ARKF: +7.54%
ARKK: +17.44%
ARKG: +13.78%
ARKW: +12.04%

Autoinvest projections based on the last 5 years:

ARKF: +58.57%
ARKK: +37.59%
ARKG: +29.96%
ARKW: +49.92%

I’ll keep an eye on these over time and how they track the main ARK ETFs, I’m hoping that Trading212 is able to add more of these stocks relatively quickly to get a good cross section. There’s definitely more stocks in their Next Gen Internet fund compared to Genomics so I suspect some will take longer than others.


How are you’re pies doing? Thinking of doing this myself.
And do you update the spreadsheets on a regular basis? Then i know if I should check it haha.

Okay last question, how do you check what holdings Ark changes?

They’re doing well, up between 1 and 10% at the moment with ARKK, ARKF and ARKW performing best. I’m updating the spreadsheet every friday with new stocks/fractionals added by 212 and then every Monday or Tuesday with the latest data from ARK. They have a CSV on their website of all their holdings that you can download, they also send out a daily email with all their trading activity.


Forgot to mention I hacked at this over the weekend and automated it so you can see a live view of the stocks in each ark fund versus where they are tradeable… not made it public yet as it’s super server intensive! Looks something like this… and is generated every time you call it…so it captures all changes made in each portfolio… Shows whether it’s (F)ractional or (W)hole share trading too