ARK Invest CFDs Now Available

Trading 212 should try offering same as eToro. Presumably eToro finds it profitable to offer these 1:1 leverage CFDs that come with no overnight interest.


At least for the Popular ARK ETFs they should offer it.

So if I buy ark on cfd account I use a laverage?

That is right, all of the ARK instruments are leveraged.


Do you know when these will be added to invest or isa at all?

Wont happen unfortunately.

You can have a search of you’re curious as to why.


Wish these were available in the ISA.

Can you explain for beginners like me that would like to invest long term in Ark etfs what the difference in buying the real etf (which I understand is not possible with your company) and buying the CFD? It’s more expensive, more risky or what? Thank you

I’d probably Google a CFD guide if you’re that unsure before committing to anything.

That would be the best way to understand your risks.

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