Non UCITS ETFs Available

Hi, I can currently see some non UCITS ETFs on trading 212 like the VTI.
when I click on it I can see all the same details as other ETFs along with a ‘buy’ option.
However when I click buy it says that this trading is temporarily suspended.
Does this mean that non UCITs ETFs such as the VTI will be available soon?

what you are seeing is probably a stock that used to be on T212 but is no longer able to open a new position, and remains because there are those who already hold the stocks and will need to close their position at some point in the future.

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Are you sure you are not in the CFD mode?

No i’m on my ISA.
This has happened a couple of times where things like the Vanguard Real estate ETF or Total stock market ETF have appeared but unable to buy. Then the next day they have gone completely.

Strange, @David any comments?

@DrS Could you DM me your account’s email address & a screenshot, please?

I was also able to see things like maybe a dozen direxion bull and bear ETFs on my ISA account 5 minutes ago but they disappeared after reopening the website.

Those stocks aren’t listed now but if I see them again I’ll take a screenshot and DM you :slight_smile:

We are talking about these, right?

Ah they’re back!