Asian Markets in investment mode

How about adding Asian Markets to investment mode? This markets will become more interesting after the passing of the US delisting law for Chinese stocks.


@David any update on this? Christmas gift? :slight_smile:

Can we have an answer on this topic ? it would be good to know when you guys T212 plan to add Asian stocks. @Y.M

We are currently striving to expand our European and American portfolio and the Asian market is not a priority at the moment. Nonetheless, if there are any changes, you will be the first to know.

I’m hearing… :canada: :ireland: :it: :poland: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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I think Asian market has lot of opportunities and it should be considered asap.
Since IBKR have them already, why does it take so long to add anything that IBKR has ?

They have only those and with restrictions:


Australia **
Hong Kong
India ***
Singapore *

'* Due to regulatory considerations IBKR is unable to offer trading in Singapore stocks to Singapore residents.

** Creation, redemption and physical delivery of exchange traded commodities (“ETCs”) is not supported.

*** Stocks on the NSE are only available to Indian residents.

I’ll take a punt and say;

  • Regulation
  • Legislation
  • Time taken to alter the system to encompass the above
  • Time taken to construct new processes and functionality required to accept Asian markets
  • Time taken to unit test
  • Time taken to system test
  • Time taken to regression test
  • Time taken to end-to-end test

But I would guess, for now, the top two are the sticking points as T212 are not IBKR and do not have all the necessary approvals to broker said markets as yet.

Thanks for the messages.

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I will add that direct access to markets such as India and China are a total fecking pain in the hoop. Taiwan and Korea not ‘as’ bad, but still tricky. And this is coming from opening them up for Investment Funds.

It’s all to do with the local market regulator needing reporting on who is performing what transactions in the market. Add in a pool of retail investors directly investing to the mix, and you hopefully see the legal and operational challenges in this arrangement.

Hence above - India can only be traded by ‘residents’ on IBKR for one.

It’s not as clear cut as just adding another market.

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