New exchange additions

Hi all,

I thought it would be interesting to see what additional exchanges the community would want added to the app in the future if it’s possible. I’ve included a few of the largest exchanges, but feel free to mention others in the comments.

New exchange additions
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange of India
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • Korea Exchange

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Maybe you should first see the markets Interactive Brokers is able to offer:

IBKR don’t offer access to Korea and India stock exchanges, at least for European residents:

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Other suggestions for new stock exchanges:

Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB)
Germany Stuttgart Stock Exchange (SWB)
Italy Borsa Italiana (BVME)
Sweden Swedish Stock Exchange (SFB)
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m aware other brokers offer access to different exchanges, but my preference is to stick with Trading212 if new exchange editions are coming soon.

The point @RLX was trying to make was “if IB is not offering them, t212 won’t be able to offer”


To add to this @Tom214 , T212 currently uses IBKR as an intermediary to buy/sell shares.
Therefore if IBKR cannot offer an exchange or a particular security, then T212 won´t be able to either.


@EquityInvestor @kali

I’m with you now. Cheers for explaining. Hopefully some of the other exchanges can still be added


The requirements to open up India are borderline insane so I doubt we will get that.

From Interactive Brokers:

*** Stocks on the NSE are only available to Indian residents.

I know that South Korea legislation is also very restrictive for foreigner investors. Even for the KRW.


Polish Stock Exchange should also be on there.

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Would like TSX and NEO

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I think that Toronto exchange is a must!