New exchange additions

Hi all,

I thought it would be interesting to see what additional exchanges the community would want added to the app in the future if it’s possible. I’ve included a few of the largest exchanges, but feel free to mention others in the comments.

New exchange additions
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange of India
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • Korea Exchange

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Maybe you should first see the markets Interactive Brokers is able to offer:

IBKR don’t offer access to Korea and India stock exchanges, at least for European residents:


Other suggestions for new stock exchanges:

Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB)
Germany Stuttgart Stock Exchange (SWB)
Italy Borsa Italiana (BVME)
Sweden Swedish Stock Exchange (SFB)
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m aware other brokers offer access to different exchanges, but my preference is to stick with Trading212 if new exchange editions are coming soon.

The point @RLX was trying to make was “if IB is not offering them, t212 won’t be able to offer”


To add to this @Tom214 , T212 currently uses IBKR as an intermediary to buy/sell shares.
Therefore if IBKR cannot offer an exchange or a particular security, then T212 won´t be able to either.


@EquityInvestor @kali

I’m with you now. Cheers for explaining. Hopefully some of the other exchanges can still be added


The requirements to open up India are borderline insane so I doubt we will get that.

From Interactive Brokers:

*** Stocks on the NSE are only available to Indian residents.

I know that South Korea legislation is also very restrictive for foreigner investors. Even for the KRW.


Polish Stock Exchange should also be on there.

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Would like TSX and NEO


I think that Toronto exchange is a must!


Any chance of Trading 212 adding the Hong Kong exchange to the app?

I mean there’s some great stocks on there and it would be nice!


The king is dead. The emperor have conquered it. :slight_smile:

(Just kidding.)


@admins can you give us some idea when the Hong Kong exchange could be added please?

Some point in the future hopefully might be my guess, unless there is concern about China’s influence.

It goes without saying if there was an exact date, they would announce it, why wouldn’t you?

They’ve probably learnt from past posts where things have been delayed not to over promise and underdeliver.

Just have patience.

Hong-Kong as previously known is dead. China is taking control of every aspect of HK. HK have huge political risk, as seen in the pre-COVID era, with social and political unrest.

As we know, there are restrictions for foreigners direct invest/own Chinese securities and CNY (capital flows controls).

As China is absorbing HK, owning HK securities could in the future be like the onshore Chinese stock exchanges, with foreigner restrictions or limitations, even the rumors of that simply would crash the HK securitites prices and/or the HK stock exchanges. Just the social and political unrest pre-COVID has take a toll on the HK stock exchanges.

I would speculate, that China will “always” have a “free port” for foreigners to access mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao are examples of centuries-old jurisdictions with special rights due to that.

I stay away from non-democratic jurisdictions, like China (including Hong-Kong).

If I were T212, I rather add stock exchanges from 1st world/developed countries, like Canada or Australia or other European countries, than other unstable jurisdictions.

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It’s sucks because HK exchange actually has some decent stocks as well tbh.

Like Rusal and HK Shanghai Hotels.

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