Aston Martin oppinion

Any opinions about Aston Martin ?

Stay away. That’s mine.


Hi @Maky, a simple search using the search function on the top right (magnifying glass symbol) can sometimes lead to very interesting results. I suggest that next time you use it to see if a topic already exists as sometimes a similar query has already been made :smiley:.

On the matter, if you search “Aston Martin” you will see that @jcksmith850 kindly shared an analysis that he carried out on Aston Martin, which includes his conclusions:

It may be better to continue the discussion on that thread. I personally have not looked into Aston Martin.


Buy the rumor, sell the news.
It could do well but more than likely won’t.

The likes of Aston Martin and luxury items don’t work the same way other companies do in recessions. When the big boys get paid and want their toys regardless of the economic time. That’s why sometimes luxury car makers can sometimes not even be hit with recessions.

It’s not one for me.

They are on a very rocky road and I think the bond films will only last so long.

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In my opinion never invest in a company based on other people’s opinions. It’s always best to do your own research and see if a company fits into your investment strategy. At the end of the day it’s your money at stake and most people find it hard to follow their own advice. It is okay though to canvass for opinions as part of your strategy.


Yes. i hold 2000 shares, Keep hold of them.
If Toto wolf can invest Millions Mr Stroll as well, they have confidence in the company, 5 analyists are saying they could go between $199 to $600 in the future if they get their act together, even if they get half way, still a good earner.


This is interesting. Do you have a source for the analysts?


Stay clear.

Cash intensive, needs a big turnaround which is cash intensive, poor prospects as spending declines etc.

It will have spikes as any share does when they have lost 90% of their value.

I think they’ve gone bankrupt 6 times.

It’s only value is as a high risk day trading share, as it’s Average True Range is fairly tasty if you get it right, up to 3p a day.

It doesn’t mean that if someone ploughs a ton of cash into a company it suddenly becomes valuable. A good and well publicised example is Warren Buffet’s investment into the airline stock which he ended up losing billions! You need to know what drives the price of a stock, unfortunately wishful thinking on some analysts part is not enough. If maybe there are 10 analysts and they are all in agreement then maybe there is a case. A company burning through cash and having huge losses like Aston Martin is a recipe for heartache and pain. There are lots of companies with very strong balance sheets that are far better investments than Aston Martin. There are two main factors going against it at the moment : We are entering a recession and the world is moving away from fossil fuel. Unless they have come up with an amazing electric vehicle then their prospects are not looking good.


I think, in fairness to the bull case, it’s not just a matter of thinking that a cash injection is going to see them safe. There’s good quality management being mooted alongside it. To my mind, the presence of someone like Toto Wolff makes the proposition more attractive. He knows this area, he knows what he’s doing and he’s a smart operator. I agree that the case against investing wins out and I won’t be investing for the foreseeable. But I do think we owe to the case for AML to give it the best hearing possible.

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@EquityInvestor thank you for the information. I will use the loop for the future. :+1:

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Money would be better spent on a Ferrari 812. Keeps its value better than the Aston.

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Big poo poo avoid unless you like turds