Anyone else think Aston Martin is being overlooked?

I recently bought into Aston Martin thinking this has to be a company that the UK can’t afford to lose, for quite a while everyone appeared to disagree.
This week the price has started climbing and yet to me still seems cheap in comparison to other stocks with a similar pedigree.

What do you all think?


I’m invested in Aston just a few hundred pound but I hope it’s going to be a flyer even if I have to wait until 2021. I to believe it’s very under rated.


Well even if there’s just 2 of us on here atleast I’m not alone and going mad!
Just looks like so much is going on with this company without even counting the next bond film and the next generation of bond film also.
Formula one, Mercedes investment and management takeover, the new dbx without even including the fact the stock is the lowest of all the luxury car brands.
If they can remake the brand we could be looking at another ferrari in a few years again and if that’s the case the share price will be unimaginable


I invested back in march/April when it hit bottom. I am hoping it will recover over the next few years. However I think to start really gaining traction to get anywhere near what it was a few years ago it will have to have a very good 3 or 4 run.

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Well looks like a few of us are backing a rebound. So let cross are financial fingers and hope it’s a strong climb.

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Certainly hope so. Purchased a few shares way back in March/April. Finally made it to start showing green. I too think this needs a good run, lots of new people/Mercedes now involved, all positive i think.
Fingers crossed…

They lost 227 million in the first half of 2020 and the CEO quit once the stock went down 94%. Sales are down over 40%. All this from the first page of a Google search. I wouldn’t go near it.

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Didn’t they abandon there EV plans too? they seem to be on the back foot when it comes to the inevitable future.

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They have lost money yes but usually a known premium brand needs to reach the brink before someone will do whatever it takes to bring it back.
I’m glad others think the same way as I thought perhaps I was seeing something that wasn’t there.
To note the balance sheet isn’t that different to ferrari the only thing currently missing is the profit and to be fair we have all put money into businesses with valuations 10x+ what they should be and yet this one in my opinion is so well priced today its insane.

I’m invested, I work for a lux car manufacturer and I’ve seen the DBX in the flesh, it’s a very good competitor, they’re modernising their range at the min and the move towards EV/Hybrid is only going to improve matters.

It’s definitely a risk(AM have gone bankrupt several times in it’s history) but I like what they’re producing and there’s a solid link between them and Mercedes too, worth a punt.

They have postponed the lagonda project yes but then how many luxury manufacturers are making ev today? Please don’t say Tesla as that would have to be a joke.
I also own Tesla stock but they are not rolls Royce, Bentley or Aston Martin

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Do you think the aston Martin needs to compete though? Even if a Jaguar or other was a better car I would still want the aston

I would never compare Tesla to Aston, thats like comparing apples and pears. I was just making a point their roadmap or future looks and feels a bit unknown.

I would love to own an Aston Martin, I love the brand and cars, I am a massive petrolhead. However many luxury manufactures like Porsche & Lamborghini have EV’s or Hybrids ready to go.

I hope Aston Martin do well, just haven’t seen them making any moves yet towards the inevitable future of EV’s, of which I don’t relish as a petrolhead but I know its coming.

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Porsche being my favourite car still does not have the status of the supercars due entirely to the fact porsche mass produce.
Lamborghini don’t have a current ev? Hybrids will likely be banned anyway so why spend money producing them?
Also Aston Martin now have the entire Mercedes powertrain list at they’re disposal, which they will no doubt modify to be “Aston Martin”.
I think great things will happen here there are too many positives and just an annual loss during the biggest transition in automotive history is not enough to change my mind

They’re definitely vying for space in quite a saturated market, even Lamborghini has an SUV, and that’s what’s propped up a lot of luxury car makers in recent years and that’s why Aston has suffered more than most(that and their aging vehicle platform) they’re a risky bet, with a potentially solid return, feel the people who bought in at the 30s in march had the value and we’re potentially bag holding. Hope I’m wrong.

But then there were no announced changes just an suv in the line up and a team that thought they were selling volkswagons, things seem so much different to me now.

Someone had to make the company meet that valuation? You don’t get to make up your own values. In my opinion it should be back there now with some profit projections, why not? Elon Musk gets ridiculous valuations off the back of what was once a niche market and yet we all still believe him (me included). Tesla has been around 5 minutes in comparison but because it currently works everyone wants a piece. What happens when it stops winning?

Tesla is one of, if not the leader in an evolving market, which is aiming for a wide range of vehicles for the masses. Plus Tesla’s battery tech goes beyond cars.

Aston Martin is historically a niche market per se, and has never been for the masses. Despite its beautiful cars and valuations in the past its always been a rich mans car and has had a limited consumer base. Hopefully they get back to the top of that corner of the market.

I think AM could be worth a look in, but not till the new F1 season starts. As they have their own team for 2021 with Vettle as their main driver.

From past reading I know their sales have sucked, but being a successful F1 team could cause a stir and present some investment.

If Toto Wolff joins Aston Martin there may be potential for even better “current drivers” to join. No disrespect to vettel of course but it takes a crazy young driver to take a lesser car faster round a track