Aston Martin price drop

Hi, just wondered if I missed out on some update regarding Aston Martin as I noticed the share price dropped heavily today but unsure if this was a general drop or I’m missing some headline, thanks in advance

To be fair there was quite a rapid rally so some short term pull back was to be expected.
It is still up almost 40% on the month

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No news I can see, was way over bought. Guessing another drop to 64.

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Seen as its still trading way under level I don’t see why it should be any lower, it may drop temporarily but the movement long term will still be upwards, the whole ftse was down today so this is likely the cause

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Looking at weeks I would agree there’s a slight uptrend from the battering it took down to 27.

Daily it’s still sideways.

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At the moment I’m happy with sideways, I wasn’t expecting a rally before next year anyway it was a pleasant if still short lived surprise.
Your chart also predicts a low 70’s for now to next week so I don’t see a reason for another drop back to 64.
Those charts are unreal aren’t they, I appreciate the share dilution but still there’s got to be some of that impressive cake to come back once they’re back on they’re feet

You have to take charts with a pinch of salt.

They are useful in seeing how far from the average and the strength of over bought or over sold. Also useful in seeing volume.

@phildawson - king of charts!:+1:

:joy: I wouldn’t say king. Take what I say with a heavy pinch of :salt:

(I’m very much a retail trader who does it for fun)

I just find it helps rather than the “about now should do” method, where you’re either lucky and bought before a bullish momentum or have caught it chasing and become a bag holder.

Some stocks it doesn’t matter as much if you bought at the top and still hold long term and it’ll go back above.

Pump and dump stocks you can be holding a heavy bag if you get it wrong, where you have to decide to cut your losses or become a LTH.

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Well 2 weeks on and Aston Martin has held up well, it has never dropped below 70p and currently sits at just over 80p. I think your charts did show this though looking back?