Aston Martin Spread

Why is there such a huge spread between the buy and sell of Aston Martin (and several other stocks)… How does T212 calculate the spread?
There seems no logic that on some similar priced shares the sell price is 1 ukpence below buy, but on AM it is this morning 20 ukpence below the buy!

Hey @NeilD :wave:

I’ve double-checked the matter on our side and did not detect anything abnormal.

What I can suggest is for you to browse through this article in our Help Centre, since it could shed some more light on the topic.

Nevertheless, should you need any further clarification, feel free to PM me or submit a ticket with your request through this form and the team will be more than happy to assist!


The exchange pages are a pretty good source, especially the LSE. The market is what it is sometimes. You should generally find the more popular / liquid the security, the tighter the spread.

Looks like 2-3p atm