Aston Martin (AML) Historic prices

HI all, This is probably a stupd quesiton but I was looking at the share chart for AML for the last year and I noted that towards the end of March 20, the price was around the 280p mark but other searches (google, yahoo etc) show it around 91p. If we go back to the beginning of Dec 19, the T212 price is between 600 - 630 yet everywhere else it’s 160-190!

Can anyone explain this please?


Well in the last week of march the share price dropped by half.

Here’s the gap down on the daily where you can see the hard bounce and sell off.

Appreciate the response Phil but that still doesn’t explain the massive disparity between the T212 charts and several other ones (yahoo,, marketwatch etc) for dates prior to that.




Not sure if this helps but according to TradingView there was a split. So most places will show adjusted prices. T212 doesn’t in a lot of cases (have a look at Rightmove’s historic price for example)

Thanks for the reply but what does that actually mean? What is the significance of 1557/500? Are we saying that the price was altered by a ratio of 1557/500 (3.114) so when looking at the price prior to that date on T212, you have to divide by 3.114 to get the revalued equivalent? That would closely tie in with the example in my original post of 280p v 91p. Of course, I may be completely wrong. :slight_smile:



That’s how the numbers work out yes.

The 1557/500 is the split ratio of shares. I’d recommend the page below

Cheers mate. It’d just be easier if 212 showed the correct prices. :slight_smile: