AstraZeneca to buy Alexion

Any recommendations on AstraZeneca or Alexion?

Alexion is trading at $121 and the takeover is at $175, post approvals.

Alexion will have moved before you have time to buy it

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Alexion was seriously undervalued before this. Very interesting. I wonder how this will be dealt with by trading 212 @Tony.V would you be able to tell us?

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Actually I am disappointed at this scenario, future potential growth was far higher then the price of acquisition.

Yeah me too alittle.

For the most part I agree. You’ll be able to get the tail end of the pump IMO.

I’m also interested to know what will happen with this. I own both Astrazeneca and Alexion shares. I was happy to see Alexion shoot up but I don’t whether to just wait or take profit.

Normally the case with M&A: AstraZeneca stock price will dip temporarily before bouncing back and Alexion will go up it might pull back but it will settle higher than the price before M&A.
Is there any argument, evidence, anti-thesis against this? Any input, comment will be very much appreciated