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hello people of followers of wealthness ,just a quick question on a buy i made june 20th this year. astrazeneca , i think i messed up on this one… bought at high price of 9876.00 is this non recoverable ?? im down in red on this a fair way. should i cut loss now and wait for a better buy in level. or hold ? from the 3 year graph i can see covid has caused a large interest , and can only see from here on in i think it may continue to drop down … back to pattern of jan/ feb

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The question really is do you see this as a £100 company?

Over the lifetime of the company so far, it is generally trending upwards even before covid-19 hit, but what is the value of the company to you? Is it worth the £98 or more or less.

That sounds more like advice one might give someone on how to decide whether or not to buy an expensive pair of Nike running shoes.

I find interesting that Jim Cramer reports on AZN being ranked by analysts as #1 amongst a list of companies working on Covid-19 vaccines

“we surveyed 92 drug analysts and public health officials at the state and local level to handicap the chances of each of the main players.” “But even though we can’t really speed this up, I like AZN stock here, down nine from its recent highs with a 3.4% yield and an excellent anti-cancer franchise.”


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AZN is available on Trading 212 both as LSE listing and also as NYSE ADR. Is there any reason not to prefer to buy the ADR, seeing as it comes without 0.5% stamp duty cost? I know that ADR dividends do not incur US withholding tax.

Sure, can’t deny that. Essentially any long term investor is doing just that. Buying a part of a business and so deciding “is it worth this price” can be quite subjective, just like buying those expensive Nike’s.

Cramer is like a video version of the Motley Fool.

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To my mind AZN is one of the best in terms of importance to the population & does generally well on the LSE , and will be for a very long time. on looking a prev charts it showing much lower level of interest , perhaps Moderna would be the competition here. i bought the trade in my infancy first wk of trading but somehow it slipped the net as it has fell since then. if the price goes back to or above then great , there is always the dividend side , to perhaps stay in the game… Thank you for your response Matt.

Good point Richard , yes i did see the ADN ticker come up with AZN sounds like a plan no stamp duty or tax, excellent. i think i may ditch the uk one for the us version? would that be correct? thank you for your pointer. :wink:

ADR is in $ so can have FX fluctuations to the £. If it’s a sponsored ADR (I’d imagine it is) then it will comply with SEC regulations. I haven’t looked at the azn ADR so don’t know if it’s level 2 or 3.

No real reason other than FX to pick one or the other, especially if it’s a level 3 sponsored ADR.

Tax on the dividend?

looks like my buy came where it broke resistance line 20/7 but i have used a 5/20 average this showing a possible buy coming up… 4 reds down 2 blue …mmmmm??? so if it goes up i can sell to reduce losses then re buy at a lower point in future. then hold it.

Taxed at rate the company is based in, US investors have to claim it back if they have a tax agreement with the country of origin

The dividend yields are essentially the same I think. These are level 2 ADRs. The same UK tax will be due if you pay tax. There is no US withholding tax as with US companies (as I have observed with the UL ADRs I own, for Unilever ULVR).

UK does not charge a withholding tax so US investors in the AZN ADR receive the dividend in full.

I sort of wonder about AZN. I feel like it gets a lot of hype with its connections to Oxford. I happen to work there (not on anything remotely COVID related) and there are a lot of people who think that anything going on at Oxford is automatically amazing, because Oxford. And since AZN is tied to Oxford, AZN must be amazing by extension. This is especially true of commentators in the US, in my experience.

I’m not saying that the case for AZN as the leader in this race isn’t there to be made. But a lot of it seems to me to amount to ‘well, Oxford innit’ which isn’t a very good argument (or indeed an argument at all).

This is probably a very minor concern.

“Exchange rates used to convert dividend payments, announced in USD, GBP and SEK are based on the rates on the day prior to the dividend announcement”

Credit where it’s due, he did have a good one earlier:

“The Robinhood gang loves GE–and they report Wednesday. Will they be satisfied with these numbers? (Do they understand the numbers?) […] Don’t worry about it, they’ll just rotate into Ford or something…”


I find Cramer entertaining. As he says, “I am here to entertain, educate and save you money”. He knows himself what the priority order of his offering. He gets top CEOs and politicians on his show and they are interesting to hear from.

Correct correct, I just meant in general if it was a company in a country that did, the US investors have to claim it back or they get double taxed. Someone in the country that the ADR is for would just be taxed at their regular rate.

yes, AZN in news this morning according to HL some positive things happening here. may effect trade prices in next 24-48 hours. …