AstraZeneca PLC

AstraZeneca Plc - £75.64

AstraZeneca Plc ADR - $54.30

This is strange to me to see dollar stronger than the pounds or maybe i missed something?

Over the weekend the purchase of ALXN was announced. US market ADR is not yet open, thus price is of close from Friday. While UK is open for trading in the morning.

Also ADR is reflected in ratio 1:2. Meaning each single stock of AstraZeneca PLC = 2x ADRs

Thus the price disrespect.

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@Vedran thanks for the info.

AZ prices are tanking not sure when to jump in :roll_eyes:

I now have AZN on my main watchlist, with the headwinds of many countries temp-banning the vaccine I am keeping a close eye on what is a great company. We are now back at June 2019 prices (not counting the market wide drop of Feb/March 2020.

Anyone done any recent analysis, I need to take some time to look at what price I may want to open a position.

Rather buy GSK personally, much more upside. Even if price stays low should rise on the demerger.

AZN has dropped and still has a PE of 40.

GSK is like 10, better yield as well.


AZN is estimated to grow 28%,27%,19% in next 3 years. In addition to the ALXN acquisition.

Current price of 48.77 USD is around 22.98 PE.

With Average Growth in next 3 years : 24.42% which would mean AZN to justify 24 PE.

I have started the position recently, keep adding small chunks.

AZN is one of the top growers in the industry.

If there is any doubt of better pick.



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Estimates…means nothing. See this all the time. Plus GSK won’t be the same GSK so how can they even estimate its growth when it will be two separate entities?

Fair point in that AZN you will probably see better CG but then this is debatable given the current pricing IMO.

Well there is data behind it.

So if history is a teacher, it shows they hit Estimates more then they missed.

Fair point, who much is that fast graphs?

Standard subscription is 15USD, premium membership which provides access to in detailed fundamentals, cash flows, dilution, debt etc is 46USD monthly.

I think 15 bucks is worth getting part of story covered in fundamentals.


Is that a monthly fee or annual?

EDIT: just read down. It’s monthly. I went all marine and shot first

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I`ve got both :smiley:


I hold GSK but might look into Astra this weekend for a potential entry price.

GSK I see as a fairly safe long term growth play with a good dividend payout history and the increasing dividend cover rate makes it appealing at the current pricing point.

I am long GSK, with no current position in AZN due to its massive run up last year I was holding off, now its come back down I am seriously considering it, as Vedran mentions growth wise its a better options than GSK overall, I went GSK purely from a value play (time will tell if value trap :smiley: )

I have price alert at AZN under 6750p, lets see what happens.

Just be aware the dividend will probably decrease in next couple years when the company splits.

I actually just discovered this - but I agree, $15 is reasonable for all that they offer…

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Wonder how this will impact the share price, although to me, seems totally stupid.

They’re producing the vaccine not for profit. How is legal action against a company going to help them increase production numbers(which is the actual issue) for something every company has tried to rush a solution out the door for. Apart from the obvious funding, who would want to partner with the EU again?

There are different “visions” about AZ. The UK, EU and others (including US). There aren’t any saints with that matter.

Almost everyday, the media show news about AZ. Even Bloomberg (US) don’t speak very good about the AZ.

It started when AZ messed up during the vaccine trials, doing wrong doses in trials, not trialing enough people with more than 65 years. Very optimistic delivery numbers and dates.

US FDA is requesting AZ, additional reports and trials.

All over the world, countries are restricting or banning AZ vaccines. Even traditional UK allies.

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Yet AZ is affordable and convenient due to being storage friendly with regards to temperature.

I personally believe this is a crusade against the UK by the EU trying to hide their failings, biggggg failings.

Let’s be honest if AZ has a lower mortality rate than covid what’s the issue…?

These bureaucrats should face trial for manslaughter.

To be honest, I see the EU’s point on they had contracts that are not being met, but everyone is struggling to mass produce a vaccine and this one is not for profit so I dont think they should have a claim.

Its stupid politicians deflecting things so people dont look at what they’re not doing.

But isn’t that their issue, the UK obviously has a much better contract management team. Less red tape, more efficient.

Also AZ is scrutinised but sputnik and the Chinese jabs are fine, it’s comical…

The EU is the laughing stock of the world at the moment.

Debt will increase, tensions will rise. Glad we’re out.