AT&T Dividend not yet received

Hi all,

I haven’t been investing in trading 212 for long but I noticed that I am due to receive a dividend from AT&T today for 9 shares but I have not yet received this. Does it take trading 212 a couple days more that the dividend pay date to distribute the dividends.

Mostly it is paid a day later than the payable date. Guess it will be Monday.

Ahh ok that makes sense, thank you :+1:t4:

Yes, it can take 2-3 days. This is typical of all brokers, not just Trading 212. See

Usually the next working day tbh, but sometimes more

Wrong. On Degiro they are received at payout date.

Yes, Degrio do a good job but they do not pay on the official payout date, but usually one day later. I received from Degiro a MA dividend today. The payout date (according to Nasdaq website) was yesterday. The same was true of recent INTU and PEP dividends. I received them the day after the payout date. I do like the way that Degiro show you a list of upcoming dividends for your stocks and estimated pay dates. I also received MA dividend on Trading 212 today, so same time as Degrio.

Most recent AT&T dividend was 2 November, and I received it from Trading 212 on 4 November.

Thanks Richard!
As I’m new to TR212, on average, could you tell me how many days after the payout date the dividends are visible on our account, here on TR212?
I expect a dividend from $AGNC today (payout date). But it is still not visible on my account.
Thanks for your input :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Vedran. I’ll follow up :slightly_smiling_face:

Not always. I have had dividends waiting to be paid for a week.

Thank you Chantal.
Wow that’s much to long for a process supposedly to be automated…

Then I guess I’ve been lucky with all my stocks on Degiro. I receive all my dividends at 8 AM the day after payout.
Last one being $AGNC. Payout 10/11. Received in Degiro this morning at 8 AM.

So, as I’m new to TR212, based on your experience, what’s the average time for dividends to be received on your account❓

Thank you, and Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t mean to interrupt. But why are folks obsessed about dividend payout date?

I personally have no idea which dividend should land when, each notification of dividend brings smile to my face. Why care if it is 10th or 13th?


I agree with @Vedran. Dividends are pleasant presents. I don’t really mind when they arrive.

The only slight wrinkle is that for UK dividend tax purposes it is the value of the dividend using the exchange rate pertaining on the official payment date that is to be used in computations. So if dollar is deprecating I sometimes I have to pay tax on more than I actually receive. May be similar in other countries.

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Agree. Eventually it will be deposited in your account.

I’m not obsessed with payout dates.
I’m just wondering why the payments are delayed on TR212, and not on Degiro, for the same stocks paying the dividends at the exact same date…
Hope it clarifies my question :wink:

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It is not just Degiro, It standard in all other brokers that I have used that dividends are paid at the same day.

I wonder if it is something to do with fractional shares that inserts some delay. Degrio and other brokers do not have to calculate and pay out on fractional shares.

Indeed. That could be a possible reason…
Do you think that if buy the reminding fractional shares in order to arrive at the next unity (i.e. 0.5 share > I buy 0.5 share > I would get 1 share in total), would this accelerate the computation and receipt on the account ?

No I dont think that would have any impact, my T div was paid many days after listed pay date and I owned whole shares. Just enjoy those lovely dividends whenever they come, it doesnt not matter :smiley: