PEP dividend not received


I’m waiting for the dividend of PEP as the pay date was yesterday and I know some people already got the dividend. It’s a big that I didn’t got the dividend or the dividend distribution is me at differents times for everyone?

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Be patient. I have PEP shares with two other brokers and neither has yet sent the dividend. The time that it takes is largely out of the control of the broker as dividend payments are handled by an intermediary agent. The payment date is actually 30 June, today, so I would not expect the dividend for another 2 days. Some sites show the wrong day. Nasdaq has the payment date as today.

Yeah. But I know people that got them in the trading 212
Just asking if some accounts get them first

everyone usually receives them around the same time, whenever T212 receives and allocates them out.

You probably were, but just in case, are you sure you were owning the shares before the ex-dividend date? I find it weird that some T212 customers would have received dividends and others not.

I haven’t received a PEP dividend yet, I wouldn’t worry

I normally receive my dividend 3 working days after the pay date they are normally paid a few days afterwards for accounting reasons. Or so T212 states anyways. :slight_smile:

I also haven’t received the div. Maybe tomorrow. I’m sure 212 will get round to it eventually

I find most dividends are paid the next working day after the payment date, but in some cases it can take a few days longer. Depends on how quickly T212 receives the funds from the company.