NAT Dividend payment

Is there any update on when the dividend for NAT will be paid?


I was just wondering the same thing…

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Have you had divined payments previously? This my first dividend stock on the platform

I havnt received any dividends myself on the platform was wondering if I had to do something or sign something to get them

Payment of dividends may take up to a couple of days after the official pay-date before they are added to your account. Rest assured, if you are eligible for it, you will receive one.

I will get back to you when NAT dividend pay-out is settled.


Thank you very much Peter!

Same for Unilever (payable june 4th)


Hi guys

I was meant to receive a dividend payment from Nordic American Tankers and I haven’t received it yet. Was meant to be paid Friday.

Thanks so much.

@Missteague See the above reply from @PeterA.

same for Pfizer June 5th, but idk I might take a couple of days. I don’t think they missed it.

Hi, i was holding stock of NAT (nordic american tankers) on the ex dividend and record dates and they paid out on Jun 5th. Any idea when these will show in the account? Sorry im new to this platform so not sure how 21w deals with dividend payments… Cheers in advance!


They tend to pay the next working day after on trading212, so if it was due on a Friday expect it on the Monday. I.e Today.

most of mine can come up to 3 business days later. it depends on the company and T212 then distributing it to the account.

Still no payment… It’s only a tiny monetary amount but still …

And with Pfizer? Same issue there I haven’t received my dividend from june 5th?

Patience is a virtue. Dividends will eventually land on your account, day or two, sooner or later. It will be there.

No need to worry…

Oh sorry i’m new with trading 212 so I didn’t know it could take so many days, but thanks for the update!

Hey everyone,

Unilever, Nordic American Tanker and Pfizer dividends have been distributed to the eligible accounts.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you very much Peter