Auto invest with conditions

So I checked the auto invest and seems great, to invest regularly without having to worry on schedule some manual buy of 10 different stocks. Pie and Auto invest got us covered, great.

Well, I think would be great to add some conditions to the mix, like I want to auto invest but only when the RSI is below 50, or below Moving average.

This would give us some more control on the auto invest strategy we want running.

This could work in some different ways, or we have like for example 100$ to invest every week, and the software would the day of that week if it’s conditions are met, if not or the value would be accumulated for next weeks auto invest (If conditions are met) or would just reset to 100$ and track conditions to see if would be to invest or not.
Other way would be to just check every same day and hour of the week if the conditions are met, the accumulation of failed investments would also be possible.


Welcome to the Community @GetLucky :wave:

Your suggestion is worth exploring. I’ll check with the team to see if we can make it happen.

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