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Awaiting your feedback :slight_smile:


Will post the same as the other post.

@George I’m creating my pie as I got lucky in the draft :smiley: but I’m still missing TROW as fractional share and it’s the only one left to add to my pie. It’s there a chance that you can make it fractional?

As in the topic of the pie, it looks very good and gives you a 5y history return so you can see how the selection of stocks you made perfomed. I already created my pie and Will make a buy today or tomorrow using the pie.

Just a quick question, if I recive a dividend from a stock in the pie, the dividend is reinvested in the pie or in the stock that gave the dividend?

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@George is pie within a pie available in this beta? I don’t see an option, I thought it was meant to be part of this beta?


No, that’s not available yet. You can’t also send shares that you have outside the pie to the pie

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Currently, creating multiple pies is available. Pies within pies - not yet, but it will be one of the first upgrades to the feature.


I have run into a bit of an issue, which I don’t fully understand.

  1. Created a pie, added the stocks and set percentages.
  2. Deposited £200 into account. This showed up under free funds as expected.
  3. Attempted to invest £200 into the pie, got an error “No connection with the server.”
  4. Changed the amount to £100 which worked fine.
  5. Attempted to invest the remaining £100 into the pie, it went into the pie’s cash balance rather than invested.

Hi there. I created one pie for testing.added 4 stocks to it. I have 3 out of 4 stocks in portfolio already. I thought the pie will show my current stocks how much I have invested in those stocks etc. Is it possible or maybe I don’t understand something?


No your current stocks won’t be counted in the pie atleast not yet.

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Hmm,not good. Let’s say someone has 100k invested in microsoft and apple,then creating a pie with those 2 stocks will be like starting from zero and tracking the stocks will by separated in two places overal portfolio and pies. I assume if we buy from a pie, stocks will be shown in overal portfolio?


Is there a way to edit the pie when investing progress is at 0%? The option is currently greyed out. So if I wanted to change the holdings before market opens tomorrow i cant.

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Yes it will. I’m sure they will update it eventually

hah! you got in the beta!!

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You can just cancel the investing and make the changes you require.


That makes sense. I must admit I didn’t notice the X at first.

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I created my first pie of 10 stocks and invested just £10 as an experiment. Woohoo! That was fun and easy. I bought £1 of each of AMZN, ABBV, BLK, BMY, CRM, IBM, KO, MDLZ, NVDA, T.

  1. I now have the princely sum of 0.000506 AMZN. How is this possible since the minimum size for AMZN fractional shares is 0.001?

  2. Several minutes later my pie is still valued at £10.00. Why? Is its value not updated in real time as with other investments? Could I really sell it now for £10? Each of the 10 investments is showing no change in value from it initial £1.00. Nothing is yet red or green.

  3. I did this in an ISA account because I dread the difficulty of keeping track of the data I would need for capital gains tax reporting in the Invest account. It would really help if csv files of trade data could be available, ready for pasting into a spreadsheet. I see the following in history. But I cannot even copy data from the screen by taking my mouse cursor over it and pressing CTRL-C. For example, I would like to be able to copy the exchange rate at which the trade took place.

  4. I found it rather fiddly to set 10% for each of my 10 stocks. My finger keep moving the slider to 9% or 11%. What it I had wanted to have 7 stocks with equal weight? I guess that is impossible since 100/7 is not an integer. I would have to have 5 at 14% and 2 at 15%, right?


We’ll investigate and get back to you!

+1 for Richard’s 3rd comment, that feature is really needed <3


I think it’s a bit confusing having the pie positions and other positions all mixed up. Should be a way to toggle on and off positions from the pie to appear on the “open positions” tab. And a way to add open positions to the pie.


Yep, I think this is critical and should come ASAP. I have 20+ holdings and managed it in the past through a spreadsheet. I’d like to hand over that work to AutoInvest and the pies. But it’s great that we can start testing it in the mean time.