AutoInvest Value Projection Discrepancy

Hello, there seems to be a big difference between the value projections provided on the web app and mobile (iOS) app. The first image is from the web app and the second from mobile.

Is there are reason for this? Both are the same pie with the same AutoInvest schedule and amount set.


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From the screenshots, it seems that one of the AutoInvest plans is scheduled for two years and the other one for three hence the difference.

Still, if that’s not the case, drop me a DM, and I’ll take a closer.

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Thanks, the end dates should be the same so I’ve sent you a message.

Same as this Value projection has a bug on web client

Which isn’t solved yet.

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@Rusty27 & @chantal, thanks for flagging. We’ll fix it in the upcoming weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

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Quick update - we’ve fixed the AutoInvest value projection discrepancy. Still, drop me a DM if you notice something unusual.

Partially fixed. See DM.

When is this going to be permanently fixed?


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The desktop version is completely wrong. How can it be “ahead” when the status shows a lower amount?