Can someone explain this discrepancy to me?

Here’s what the investment section shows me

and here’s the same investment within a single pie as you’ll note fro the amount invested.

why the substantial difference in returns? bug? or do i need to be worried about the calculations the platform does from now on on every trade i make?

would be great to have someone from T212 respond too as they can probably confirm on the backend that i’m doing no funny business with those numbers there.

How many holdings do you have in your pie. Perhaps its just not updating in real time. Who knows.

about 15. but if it’s not updating real time, it’s still a cause of concern

yeah i notice this to abit strange. might be a algo.

Does refreshing the app have no impact on the issue?

it’s not the app, it’s the web page. and no refreshing the web page doesn’t do any good.

Really annoying that happens :frowning:

if its the web page, maybe the cache just needs reset, but yes annoying.

usually the only time I end up having issues with T212 web app, is when I haven’t closed chrome for over a week and its telling me it wants to update.

chrome usually breaks a bunch of my tabs at that point to force me to update it, but I can’t think of a reason why the 2 values would be so out of sync when you clearly have no additional shares outside the pie :thinking:

I would think lag on the platform about the sell price not catching up to the shift in buy price, but that shouldn’t appear differently between pies and general positions.

nah, i restart my laptop every single day without fail and i’ve a scheduled cleaner job running on every start up. tried other browsers too.

btw, this screenshot is from Firefox, not chrome.

I figured out the reason for this in one of my previous posts:

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that was an Aha! moment. thanks for explaining that mate but safe to say the bug hasn’t been addressed. the calculation algo needs to be rejigged then to introduce consistency across the platform. it needs a new scenario like this.

Is it really a bug? The pie is showing gains/losses made within the pie.

If you manually trade, do you not have to export the investment, so it’s based on your entire portfolio average as you can only view all your investments, or your investments within a pie.

It’s probably working as designed. The only way to get it to do differently, would be an option to manually trade within a pie to avoid the export.

Small potatoes for most compared to some of the other items needed at the moment like faster dividend payments.

no no, go back and look at my screenshots. there’s no manual trade, this was in unexpected outcome of having the same instrument in 2 pies.

definitely not suggesting this be a priority, just reporting what i think is a bug.