Real Value Projection not showing

Hi there, surely I’m not the one who has this “issue” to deal with. I have been copy and edit a piedi shared from one of users of Trading212, which I found it interesting. However, have you can see from the attached screenshot, the value projection of my pie is around 200% but when I try to see how much will be after several years, the value just raise by 20%.

Do you know if there is a way to modify everything or there will be another update that will fix it?

Hi @Peppe,

The value projection is capped at 20% to avoid projecting unrealistic values. If you plot a long term compounding with 200% return the end value will reach hundreds of millions, even trillions.

Hi George,

Yes, it was actually making your eyes watery like your mouth seeing those numbers haha however I hope my pie value will reach that 6 zero figure.

I hope you get there ASAP as well! :slight_smile: