Average of stocks bought manually and on pie

Guys i have a doubt, if I had bought a stock manually and its average is on the negative! and if I had the same stock on pie with positive average! if i choose to sell the stock on pie will i gain profit or lose money?

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Hey @b3699 :wave: ,

I’ll try to shed some light on the matter, however, to answer your question fully, we’ll need to split your example into two scenarios :point_down:

  1. If you decide to sell your shares held within a pie, the system will then calculate your result, taking into consideration the price at which the company/stock was imported into the pie.
  1. Should you sell the stock held outside a pie (regular investment) the system then takes into consideration the average price of all executed orders with the company so far (including those made within pies).

Hope that helps, nonetheless, feel free to reach me via DM or submit a ticket through this form, if you need any further assistance.

I have messaged you, could you please check that, thanks! @B.E

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