Pie Question Can't Find Answer To


Investments: TSL ($100) and others.
Pies: MyFirstPie (TSL $50 and others).

I have not yet added funds to MyFirstPie but I intend to. I just don’t understand how my user interface will display this.

What will I see in my Investments for TSL? Is it $100 or $150?

I just don’t want things to mix up.

I mean it seems reasonable that I will see $100 in my Investments but it’s gonna be a pain in the ass if it’s $150 because I will often trade stocks in my Investments that will also be present in MyFirstPie and it will be really confusing. I will have to manually check each time with MyFirstPie before I close something in my Investments. Is this how it goes?

I am confused, can someone please clarify?

you will see the total for both however you will also find the share count split between inside and outside of the pie. when you make an action to sell, you can’t sell what is inside a pie so your review screen when selling will only display the shares held outside of the pie in your main investment portfolio.

this is what your share count will look like when selected for something you hold both inside and outside pies.
Screenshot 2020-12-20 075634


Thanks for your insightful input. It kindof makes sense this way.

So, if you want to sell Airbnb from PIE, you will have to move it from the PIE to Investments?

How will it show in Investments? Will it be a separate position or it will add to your “bought manually” position?

the little dropdown will only appear while you have shares both inside and outside the pie. so if you want to sell a certain amount, you export that amount from the pie and then you can place your sell order. moving everything out of the pie will revert to treating it without mention of shares held in/out of a pie. you will be able to see the full value of the entire share position in your list of investments. It also doesn’t distinguish which pie the shares are held in, so you may have to search if you have the share in multiple pies.

so in my above example, I moved out 50% of my AirBnB position from inside the pie and so I can now sell those 0.2342969 shares I exported while the 0.2342 shares inside the pie remain untouched. if I were to move a further 0.1share out of my pie that amount would be added to the bought manually portion and become available for a sell order.

the investment list currently treats the entirety of shares held in your account to determine the value so the full 0.4684969 shares value is what is displayed. pies will often display a different % gain for a share than what is displayed outside as it only considers the shares purchased inside the pie for profit calculations.

there have been requests for the shares held inside pie’s to not be lumped together with those held outside to make it simpler for you to trade your non-pie holdings.