Pie stocks vs daytrading stocks

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This is inportant please apply if possible asap.

Windows desktop:

When creating a pie for, let’s say, 5 Tesla stocks.
We go to the settings->'new app for pie section. The view changes from old view to new view where er see the pie section. Nothing wrong with that.
Done making a pie which are stocks for long term.

Now we switch back to the old view because that’s better for trading. And there we see in the ‘position taken section’ the 5 tesla we bought which are in the pie (again these pie stocks we bought for let’s say 300 are long term buys).

Now I feel like day/swing trading:
I want to hold these stocks for a couple of hours and want to sell them.

Now when I buy 5 tesla to swing or daytrade for let’s say $350, its being added to my already bought tesla which are in the pie. This means higher average price and also if I buy other stocks to trade with the same day, its being shown in list with the stocks who are already in the pie.

So, The importance is to make an extra section where it show only the pie stocks.
And a separate section where it only shows the daytrading stocks.
I have 30 stocks in a pie.
It makes it very difficult to search thru my pie stocks and daytrading all mixed together.

So pie stocks section and daytrade stocks section or tab whatever you want to call it.

Also the daytrading stocks must not be added to the list of pie stocks if they are the same and one stock. I messed up couple averages because of it. For an example an instrument 100 stocks of 0.90 in a pie became 100x1.81 when I bought the same stock to daytrade with. Bumper.

1 tap pie stocks
1 tab daytrade stocks
1 TESLA Pie stocks bought and processed SEPARATELY
1 TESLA Daytrade bought and processed SEPARATELY


Hope this will help contribute to bring 212 being even bigger and greater then it is already.
Love your platform guys.


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I haven’t used pies yet. Can you tell me if this has been fixed? (Regarding all the shares being grouped together and spoiling cost averages).

Sorry to bump this but does anyone know?

I don’t know that there is anything to fix. The way it is done presently is fine for many.

There are many ways that one can track a portfolio and keep track of costs, so no platform can hope to accommodate the preferences of all users. But with csv downloads of transaction data available anyone can compute whatever they want in their own spreadsheet. Different countries have different matching rules for capital gains tax calculation. The platform cannot be fine tuned to all.

Thanks for the reply, but i wasn’t referring to keeping track of costs, its about being able to have the same instrument in different pies or outside of a pie and them having their own average share costs without effecting each other.

For example having Tesla in a pie for a long term investment with an average share price of say $100, then buying another Tesla at $700 to day trade with outside the pie so it doesn’t effect the average share price of the Tesla shares in the pie.

Pies are ultimately just a visual representation of what is in your portfolio. As the portfolio in ISA and invest only treat positions as accumulated and not hedged the averages will always be affected.

I can appreciate that Tesla which is day traded will incur capital gains tax differently to Tesla which is held long term. But it would be very hard separate these out. As has been mentioned on the forum before, Trading 212 cannot be expected to keep track of an investor’s returns such that they exactly match the capital gains tax rules of every country, or investor preference. To do that they would also need to know if the investor owns Tesla on any other platform.

If I want to keep fine details about gains on different positions in Tesla then a spreadsheet is probably my best way. I suppose Trading 212 could offer investors the possibility of segregated sub-accounts, where all figures are computed only within each sub-account, but at present pies are not setup to be used as sub-accounts. A valid question might be “could you enable us to have virtual sub-accounts within our account?” But this might go against the Trading 212 ethos of wishing to keep the app simple and unconfusing to new clients…

I took Tesla just as an example. I dont have a position in it. Its all fine. We just make do with the oars we have. Thanks a bunch.