Ayro stock add asap

Is ayro being added? Use said AYRO would be available in a few mins still can’t see it ??? @david @george @team212

On Invest I already see it.

@revelcsi1iicidem It was added more than an hour ago. Try ctrl + r if on web, otherwise just restart the app.


My bad! I actually have closed app and restarted it must of just glitched or something, are you able to add roch ch acquisition ?? Reminds me of rothschilds it’s gna moon :joy: and social capital hedoo?? @David

Thanks so much for adding it!!

Hi @David. Is there any way we can get updates on when you guys add a stock? The “New On” list isn’t usually updated and I can’t see any way to get a notification of something existing other than hoping you guys mention it in a thread