New stock additions please

Can you please add NBRV( Nabriva ) stock at least for ISA/Invest accounts.

CMCL - Caledonia Mining
A lot more please .

Trading 212 come on let’s improve the services !!! A lot of chances people missing out there by using different platforms.

By the way, I realised that T212 is adding more hyping stocks after it is lost the hype. so late

Caledonia mining is already there. And I think asking for hype stocks before they hype is a bit of a tall ask.


They should have added many more shares as they are expending so fast since pandemic started. This company is manipulating a lot. Let’s see if they add I will trade here. If not then a lot of best brokers out there with many options.

they have added a lot already and growing fast and how does this mean they are manipulating?

Can you AVCT.l please?

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Can we please make sure NARI is added.



Also, can VRM finally be added please - getting a bit silly now that a recently IPOed stock has still not yet been added.

Hey @David @PeterA could we please make sure NARI is added please! Thanks :pray:

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Inari Medical Inc. is on the platform. :v:

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Thanks so much! Legend!