Urgent Stock Request $HMI

Hello @David / @Martin / @PeterA,
Please I need this stocks added NYSE: HMI (Huami). Thanks await your response ASAP.


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Agree, I also need this stock please

I love the “urgent” part of your request! I have asked for stocks to be added months ago and no feedback received as to when or if ever they will be added. I wish T212 would share a list of requests with likely timescales. Seems to me you’re wasting your time asking.

I wish I had a different experiences from the team @Team212 none of my request have been acknowledged or accepted. It’s heart breaking please @Team212 do something about stock requests or a new system that effectively handle stock requests.

They have a system that effectively handles them already. You add your request to the thread: “stocks-etfs-requests-add-here” and that then puts them immediately in the trash can.

This system has two benefits:
1 - You believe something is happening.
2 - T212 don’t need to do anything.

I want this also please

Can anyone explain why this is urgent?

Because Twitter said so.