B&M Dividend less than Announced?

Hey all.

On Dividend websites, it states that B&M will provide a special Dividend of 20p per Share but Trading 212 only gave 17p per share instead?

Is it because the Company is located in Luxembourg so it is Taxed?

Would like to know to be sure.

Many thanks

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I got mine today at 85p. But yeah I’d like to know that as well

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Sorry you’re right. Mine is 85p. Got it mixed up!

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Ah good!

It’s not too bad is it?

I’m glad I know someone else who holds these :joy:

Think they will do well as they are one of the only retailers allowed to be open during the lockdown in the uk.

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The dividend was 20p per share and Luxembourg has 15% withholding tax.

I actually did Temp Work for them over Xmas so I know how busy they were. Haha.

They are a recent FTSE 100 addition and was told they keep on growing YoY.

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Still waiting a response to this.

Was the dividend at 15p or 20p as what B&M Announced?

Two posts above yours you have answer for your question, dividend was 20p taxed 15% which gives 17p per share

Sorry! Missed that. (Lack of sleep)

Thanks for the explanation!