Ivr dividend is ALL wrong

So I had IVR stock before May’s ex div date. Ivr said you could receive all div in cash at $ 0.10 per share
Or on a 90% 10% with 90% being stock / Shares taken on the SP av for 17 18 and 19th june.

I assume the £1.64 was my 10% and the 90% of shares will show on my account as soon as the US markets open…

If not then 0.04 per share and the 1.64 does not add up with my 135 shares in IVR.

Can someone from .212 please look into this for me. Thank you.


Has this issue been addressed yet? I never received any shares and the dividend payed was far smaller than it should have been.

@David I also own this stock and I’m completely lost as to what has happened

Everything’s okay with the dividend. You received 85% of the original dividend, which is standard because of the 15% withholding tax. @robk1

We can’t provide shares so we’ve payed out everything in cash.