BABA switch from NYSE to HKSE

Hi All,

I have BABA shares and I have asked already whether T212 whether they will give us the opportunity , for whoever owns chinese company listed on the NYSE, to buy in HKSE.

The response was that at the time being we do not have this option but they will look into it.
Would any of you like also the possibility to have this option available?
I would rather own chinese stocks in the HKSE to avoid any delisting risk and I do hope we will have this available very soon!

I would like to hear your opinion

Many thanks


Are any HKSE shares available on 212?

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Well the BABA ADR is eight times the Hong Kong.

I don’t know if they could do a straight swap so for every 8 give you one 9988.HK instead :thinking:

I mean IBKR should be able to do this with any ADR.

Selling and then rebuying yourself I guess if not :man_shrugging:

Hopefully we get the new exchanges in 2021 still.

Agree, I would welcome any fasttrack for additional exchanges as well. My favorites: Canadian (also venture exchange), Australian, Hongkong


no there are not…
They made quite a lot of noise about “OMGWTF hong kong shares are coming watch this space” sort of thing which ended up being adding some shares like tencent etc from OTC market…

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