HKEX Hong Kong trading

Any possibility of doing this? Any glimpse of hope for future? A promise with a vague deadline? anything? :slight_smile:

Follow up on Trading 212 has surpassed $1B in client assets imagine how many people actually want to buy from source the companies like Tencent, Ali Baba, Meituan Dianping. Thats another $1B easy! :slight_smile:


I second that idea . Already have a “hitlist” of shares I am looking to buy.

Also if you can make them fractional…even better👍

Would be so cool. Also Japanese exchange and Portuguese.

There are some Japanese companies on the CFD platform. Nintendo, Sony, Canon, Fujitsu, etc. All the big names.

Yeah I meant smallers names that Degiro offers for exemple…But they have a min. of 100 shares to buy.