HK shares availability

Hello T212 are you able to provide access to HK shares as a part of your offering? I speak with some self interest but also concerns about Chinese stock delisting in the US.

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You could buy HK listed stock only in block of 100 shares. So you wouldn’t be able to make 10-100$ purchases.

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Unfortunately, we can not commit to a deadline yet. We’ll keep you posted in case of updates.

Thanks - in the event delisting occurs what will Trading 212 offer for shareholders of Chinese stocks.

We’re talking hypotheticals, but since 212 don’t offer HK connect and I suspect will probably not offer DMA to China as there are additional requirements needed, then a redemption to cash like what happened with Vedanta users when it delisted from US.

There should probably be a generic response for this I’m their help section on delistings.

I think the generic response is…
In case a stock gets delisted from its regulated exchange, we may allow for the stock to be traded on the over the counter market (OTC) or alternative markets, should circumstances allow, at our sole discretion. This may result in your investment being exposed to additional market risk. If we are subsequently unable to offer this service, then your positions will be closed by the system in the following steps:

  1. It frees up the capital you had initially invested in the position back to your account - which is not visible as a transaction but is obvious in your Account Value/ Free Funds.
  2. The system then adds the Profit/Loss that you have accumulated as a transaction on those shares at the last available trading price.
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My question is about the Chinese stocks as HK is not a supported market at the moment.

In any case delisting risk materialising is closer to 2024 for BABA. so we have some time, I expect CSRC and SEC to resolve this before then.

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I just can’t believe how reserved and soft you’re on this issue. NIO has been one of the hottest stocks in the UK. The issue of delisting has been going on for years now and you seem completely UNPREPARED! What is your roadmap to fix it?

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We got that and the answer was on the help section. I simply plucked up another example from an unsupported market as comparison.

The answers are out there.

Hi. I need a answers (solution) to this problem.

What happens when ADRs are delisted. I dont want to sell

There is another thread for this - I created it. You can check it out.

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