Bacanora Lithium plc - After the takeover

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what are the next steps for the shares in the app of this $BNC

There was a takeover

If someone knows something here would be great. My shares are still stuck didn’t got the takeover price for the shares.

That link still says they’re in the process of being bought.

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Bacanora Lithium Plc (BCN) has been delisted and suspended for trading on the LSE AIM due to the acquisition by Ganfeng. We’ll share updates as soon as we have more information about the terms of the event.

still no news? Assets are frozen on this one.


There should have been also additional share from Zinnwald right?

" As part of the Offer, the Board of Bacanora successfully negotiated for its Zinnwald
shares to be added to the cash offer. This distribution was approved by shareholders and enables shareholders to
retain their exposure in this exciting commodity market. Once the transaction went unconditional, Bacanora’s
independent directors, Jamie Strauss, Eileen Carr, Andres Antonius, and Graeme Purdy, resigned. Furthermore, Mark
Hohnen, our longstanding Chairman, who has held executive and non-executive positions at the Company also
resigned. I thank them for all their contributions on the Board in guiding the Company through to the successful
financing stage."

It would be great if this can be sorted out, because the assets here are frozen for at least 3 weeks now.


Hey, @Gibas.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed since the last update. As soon as there’s any concrete news about the execution of the event, we’ll let you know.

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The bacanora shares should have been sold and returned to us at the price they where ehen the takeover happened. Trading 212 only gave us the zinwald shares that where allocated and has frozen the bacanora shares with “pending corporate action” in the app. Other trading platforms such as freetrade have paid the bacanora shares held to its ccustomers and deleted bacanora from their apps

i Have received the shares in Zinnwald Lithium, which i understand was the condition of the sale of BCN shares which were allocated according to amount of shares owned but still have not received the capital from the sale. All i have been told is waiting for an update from IBKR and nothing else, neither a time frame or reason to the delay, has been several weeks now.

Our execution intermediary is yet to complete the corporate action. Once they do, we’ll reflect that on our end as well. Needless to say, we’re closely monitoring the situation and we’ll share updates as they become available.